Our  Awareness Training can include

Equality Act 2010; Are you meeting your requirements under the Act?

Gender Recognition Act 2004 (GRC) and the Gender Recognition Certificate(GRC). Are you aware of "protected  Information" section 22 of the GRC?


Organisational needs, service provision, public and private sector

Guidance for GPs, other clinicians  and health professionals on the care of gender variant people.

An introduction to working with Transgender people. Information for health and social care staff.

Transgender experiences – Information and support.

A guide to hormone therapy for trans people.

Awareness of young trans people in the UK.

Medical care for gender variant children and young people.











Our Awareness Training


We provied training in Health Care Settings;

Sexual Health Awareness Training for all staff, reception, health advisers, clinicians of Trans people's sexual health needs and issues. 

Educational sector:

Developing procedures and support for young Trans people coming out in schools.

Developing procedures and support for students in higher education, colleges and universities. 

Corporate organisations.

Educate management and employees about transgender; in workplace , employment, and human rights issues.

Education and developing awareness is the foundation for your organisation's experience with transgender concerns, but long-term application, growth and success are always the ultimate goals 

Attract and retain the brightest and best employees to your organisation, regardless of their gender status, identity or expression.

Good practice development by:

  • including the development of transgender non-discrimination employee policies.
  • ensure your organisation's continued progress of equality and develop a more dynamic workplace environment rooted in teamwork, respect and acceptance for all.


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