The Transgender Awareness Training will look at what it means to be Transgender:

·         What Transgender umbrella term means. To understand the needs of Trans people we need to know what Transgender means.

·         Recent legislation changes; The Equality Act 2010 brings together nine separate pieces of legislation into one single Act simplifying the law and strengthening it in important ways to help tackle discrimination and inequality. The Act significantly extends the rights of transgender people.

Gender Recognition Act 2004. and Gender Recognition Certificate(GRC)

We will help you to:

·         To increase understanding of transgender issues, helping people to understand what it means to be transgender.

·         To educate voluntary and community organisations in transgender legislation.

·         To provide best practice information to support organisations in demonstrating their commitment and knowledge of the specific needs issues and barriers facing transgender people.

·         Develop awareness of issues for young Trans people, in education settings, helping staff and employers develop a procedure and good practice, helping you meet the requirements of The Equality Act 2010.

·         Protected information in relation to being Trans and the GRC

·         Terminolagy, what this means to Trans people.

·         Pronouns and how important these are to Trans people - and why.

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